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A big part of the work of self-reconstruction is to avoid asking why and focusing instead on asking what for. Here's what that has done for me — and…
I am here to enjoy every minute, every opportunity to make this life of mine one worthy of the privilege that it is to be present, and to be healthy…
I answer.
the words I write exist to register life so that it endures as the clock ticks, and the seconds and minutes and hours and days and years add up, and the…
It’s when I allow myself to feel fully that I can write honestly, knowing that the words I put on paper are nothing but my truth.Are you ready to write…
Fulfillment fuels happiness — and isn’t happiness what we’re all after?
One day at a time.
... and the answer.
The practice of everyday improvement
You can touch your work every day. There’s time if you make time for it. Writing is personal, so touching your work is making time for yourself.
It’s up to you to pick the labels that describe you. And it’s OK, totally OK, to have a lot of labels attached to you. I do.